Foreword: Meeting the Challenges of the New World Order
By Walter Mondale

Introduction: Public International Economic Law: The Academy Must Invest
By Robert E. Hudec

U.S. Tobacco Exports: The Dichotomy Between Trade and Health Policies
By Andrea J. Hageman

The Andean Trade Preference Act: Drug Suppressant or Economic Stimulant?
By Diane L. Haagenson

Trade and Democratic Values
By Frederick M. Abbott

The Environment and Trade — A Multilateral Imperatve
By Geoffrey W. Levin

The Meaning of “Unfair” in United States Import Policy
By J. Michael Finger

 China and Laos-Different Roads to the Market
By John McDonnell & Douglas Clark

Taxing Global Trading: An Appropriate Testing Ground for Formula Apportionment?
By Kelvin K. Leung

The 1991 U.S.-Japan Semiconductor Agreement: Will the New Approach Yield Old Results?
By Timothy J. Bartl

New Institutional Developments in GATT
By Victoria C. Price