American Films in China: An Analysis of China’s Intellectual Property Record and Reconsideration of Cultural Trade Exceptions Amidst Rampant Piracy
By Carl Erik Heiberg

Five Views of the Great Lakes and Why They Might Matter
By Dan Tarlock

Piercing the Confidentiality Veil: Physician Testimony in International Criminal Trials against Perpetrators of Torture
By David Weissbrodt, Ferhat Pekin, & Amelia Wilson

Around the World in Eighty Centiliters
By Jim Chen

Free Trade in Human Reproductive Cells: A Solution to Procreative Tourism and the Unregulated Internet
By Lisa Hird Chung

Crafting Employment Policy during EU Accession: Strategies for Romania and Bulgaria
By Tomas Felcman

Globalism, Regionalism, or Both: Health Policy and Regional Economic Integration in Developing Countries, an Evolution of a Legal Regime
By William Onzivu