Hegemonic Intervention as Legitimate Use of Force
By Achilles Skordas

Licensing Repression: Dissent, Threats and State Repression in the United States
By Christian Davenport

Deadly Complexity: Law, Social Movements and Political Violence
By Colm Campbell & Ita Connolly

Modern War and Modern Law
By David Kennedy

Methods of the “War on Terror
By David Weissbrodt & Amy Bergquist

Fractured Fairy Tale: The War on Terror and the Emperor’s New Clothes
By Ian S. Lustick

Sticks, Carrots, Donkey Votes, and True Choice: A Rationale for Abolishing Compulsory Voting in Australia
By Katherine M. Swenson

Human Rights Protection during the “War on Terror”: – Two Steps Back, One Step Forward
By Shane Darcy

The Doctrine of Proportionality in a Time of War
By Thomas E. Sullivan