The Return of the State
By José E. Alavarez

Consultation and Legitimacy in Transnational Standard-Setting
By Caroline Bradley

Updating the International Monetary System to Respond to Current Global Challenges: Can It Happen Within the Existing Legal Framework?
By Aldo Caliari

Hudec’s Methods-and Ours
By Jeffrey L. Dunoff

South-South Trade and Investment: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly-African Perspectives
By Uché U. Ewelukwa

The International Competition Network: Its Past, Current and Future Role
By Hugh M. Hollman & William E. Kovacic

Reconciling the Right to Food and Trade Liberalization: Developing Country Opportunities
By Lily Endean Nirenberg

Developing Countries and GATT/WTO Rules: Dynamic Transformations in Trade Policy Behavior and Performance
By Chiedu Osakwe

Professor Hudec and the Appellate Body
By Ricardo Ramirez

The Empirical Turn in International Economic Law
By Beth A. Simmons and Andrew B. Breidenbach

Ill-Gotten Gains: The Case for International Corporate Criminal Liability
By Jordan Sundell