AquAdvantage is Not Real Advantage: European Biotechnology Regulations and the United States’ September 2010 FDA Review of Genetically Modified Salmon
By Katherine Wilinska

Binding the United Nations: Compulsory Review of Disputes Involving UN International Responsibility before the International Court of Justice
By Anastasia Telesetsku

Combating Corruption through Corporate Transparency Using Enforcement Discretion to Improve Disclosure
By David Hess

Attribution and the Umbrella Clause – Is There a Way Out of Deadlock?
By Dr. Michael Feit

The Rise of Gestational Surrogacy and the Pressing Need for International Regulation
By Erica Davis

The Robert E. Hudec Article on Global Trade:
Facilitating Preferential Trade Agreements between Developed and Developing Countries: A Case for “Enabling” the Enabling Clause
By Won-Mog Choi and and Yong Shik Lee