Rhetoric Versus Reality: U.S. Resistance to Global Trade Rules and the Implications for Cybersecurity and Internet Governance
By Eric L. Richards, JD, Scott J. Shackelford, JD PhD, & Abbey Stemler, JD MBA

Resolution 2122: The “Aborted” Debate
By Debatta Dobe

Palestinian Economic Development: Israeli Actions in Light of the 1994 Paris Protocol and International Economic Law
By Vincent El Hayek

Iterations of the Family: Parents, Children and Mixed-Status Families
By Tally Kritzman-Amir

Can Occupation Resulting from a War of Self-Defense Become Illegal?
By Ariel Zemach

The Return of Novorossiya: Why Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine Exposes the Weakness of International Law
By Adam Twardowski

Fukushima and New Zealand v. France Nuclear Tests: Can Japan be Brought to the International Court of Justice for Damages Caused by Fukushima Plants?
By Harold S. Yun