Jus Post Bellum: Justice After the War

By Robert A. Stein


Transitional Post-Occupation Obligations under the Law of Belligerent Occupation

By Dana Wolf


War Aims Matter: Keeping Jus Contra Bellum Restrictive While Requiring the Articulation of the Goals of the Use of Force

By Jens Iverson


Gendering the Law of Occupation: The Case of Cyprus

By Fionnuala Ní Aoláin


The Right to a Genuine Electoral Democracy

By Amnon Rubinstein & Yaniv Roznai


A Hierarchy of the Goals of International Criminal Courts

By Stuart Ford


Effectiveness of Labor Provisions within Free Trade Agreements Between the United States and Latin American Countries

By Cayla D. Ebert


GATS Regulation for Launch Services: Resolving the United States-India Conflict

By Shane Fitzmaurice


A Missing Variable: The Impact of Cross-Border Insolvency Laws on Foreign Direct Investment

By Jason Jack