Agricultural Trade Symposium

WTO and America’s Agricultural Trade Agenda
By Peter Scher

Exported to Death- The Failture of Agricultural Deregulation
By Robert Scott

The Disorders of Unrestricted Capital Mobility and the Limits of the Orthodox Imagination: A Critique of Robert Solomon, Money on the Move: The Revolution in International Finanice since 1980
By Timothy A. Canova

U.S.-Canadian Grain Disputes
By Won W. Koo & Ihn H. Uhm

Ineffectiveness at Its Best- Fighting Terrorism with Economic Sanctions
By Alan Einisman

Taxation of Global E-Commerce on the Internet- The Underlying Issues and Proposed Plans
By Clayton W. Chan

Acute Symptoms of Chronic Problems: Japan’s Procrastination in Solving Its Banking Crisis, the Current Situation and a Future Perspective
By Dafei Chen

Furthering the Reforms of Agricultural Policies in the Milennium Round
By Dale E. McNiel

Book Symposia
By Deirdre McCloskey

1998 Amendment to the U.S.-Japan Civil Air Transport Agreement: The Battle May Be Won, but the War for Open Skies is Far from Over
By Gilbert Fisher

Globalization and its Losers
By Jim Chen

WTO Food and Agricultural Rules: Sustainable Agriculture and the Human Right to Food
By Mark Ritchie & Kristin Dawkins

Interpreting GATT Using the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties: A Method to Increase the Legitimacy of the Dispute Settlement System
By Peter C. Maki