Human Rights Lost: the (Re)making of an American Story

By Christopher N.J. Roberts


The Logical Next Step: Motivations on the Formations of a Business and Human Rights Treaty

By Graham Markiewicz


Migration to the United States in a Post-Normalized Relations World

By Kevin J. Fandl


Ejab Mantin Majel: Corporal Punishment in Public Schools in the Marshall Islands

By Justin A. Behravesh


Asylum’s Interpretative Impasse: Interpreting “Persecution” and “Particular Social Group” Using International Human Rights Law

By Nicholas R. Bednar and Margaret Penland


(Re)discovering Duties: Individual Responsibility in the Age of Rights

By Fernando Berdion Del Valle and Kathryn Sikkink


“Muéstrame el Dinero”: Increasing Foreign Direct Investments in Cuba with a BIT of Help

By Kevin Kitchen


An Emerging Trend in International Trade: A Shift to Safeguard Against ISDS Abuses and Protect Host-State Sovereignty

By Nikesh Patel