Volume 13, Issue 2

Volume 13, Issue 2

A Tribute to Robert E. Hudec

Bibliography of Works by Robert E. Hudec

The Reliance Interests in Trade Law
By Daniel A. Farber

Bob Hudec: A Friend and Colleague
By Daniel J. Gifford

Robert Hudec: Scholar, Internationalist, Mentor, Teacher, and Friend
By Fred L. Morrison

Problems of WTO Harmonization and the Virtues of Shields over Swords
By Daniel Kalderimis

A Wealth of Knowledge that Enriched Us All
Daniel L. M. Kennedy

Global Trade Law: Present at the Creation
By E. Thomas Sullivan

Portraits of the Scholar as a Young Clerk
By Jim Chen

Memories of the Supreme Court in the 1961 Term
By Peter D. Ehrenhaft

An Original Approach and Original Insights
By Robert Kudrle

Tribute to Professor Robert Hudec
By Robert M. O’Neil

Mini-Memories of the Supreme Court, 1961 Term

By Roy A. Schotland

Bob Hudec: Our Days at the Court
Thomas E. Kauper

European Union TRIPS over the U.S. Constitution: Can the First Amendment Save the Bologna That Has a First Name
By Harry N. Niska

The TRIPS Council’s Solution to the Paragraph 6 Problem: Toward Compulsory Licensing Viability for Developing Countries
By Jennifer May Rogers

Going Global, Regional, or Both? Dispute Settlement in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Overlaps with the WTO and Other Jurisdictions
By Joost Pauwelyn

The Internationalization of Chilean Agriculture: Implications of the United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement
By Lindsay M. Faine

The Immunity of Foreign Subsidiaries under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
By Melissa Lang & Richard Bales