Volume 25, Issue 2

Volume 25, Issue 2

A Celebration of Professor David Weissbrodt’s Impact on International Human Right
Transcript of a celebration held in Professor Weissbrodt’s honor that ocurred at the University of Minnesota on October 8, 2015.

Navigating the Doctrinal Tension in U.S. Asylum Law
By Meghan Heesch

Ultra Vires: The Eurozone Crisis and the European Central Bank’s Lost Independence
By Chris Land

Discharging the Duty to Warn with Multilingual Warning Labels
By Sukanya Momsen

The “Sullivan-Plus” Principles: A Cure for Silent Complicity by Corporate Actors
By Vilena Nicolet

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Symposium: 25 Years, Where Are We Now? Global Trade & Sovereign Debt:

Keynote Address 
By Steven L. Schwarz

A Conversation Between Walter Mondale and Oren Gross 

The Standard of Compensation for Takings
By Mark A. Chinen

The IMF and the “Transparency Turn”
By Ida Koivisto