Volume 32 - Issue 1

Better Late Than Never? How Pope Francis Upped the Ante in Greece’s Negotiation with the British Museum Regarding the Repatriation of the Parthenon Marbles

Laura Phillipp Tucker Did Lord Elgin know he was creating a centuries-long strife when he took The Parthenon Marbles—a collection of Ancient Greek sculptures—from the Parthenon in Athens to London in 1799?[1] The marble statues currently housed in the British Museum are from the 5th Century B.C. and were part of a “frieze that ran…

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International Law v. “International Practice”: Critiquing the American Response to Unmanned Flying Objects Over United States Territory

Funsho Delé Nwabuzor The recent international incident regarding the purported Chinese spy balloon that flew over United States territory has been closely watched and commented on by international news media organizations and even other authors in this journal. There remain debates, however, regarding the height to which airspace remains sovereign over the land or sea…

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Comparison of U.S. and E.U. Central Banking Ethics Rules

Emma Wittmer At the core of the global economy is a public trust in central banks to execute monetary policy fairly and without bias. In turn, public trust allows central banks to execute effective monetary and fiscal policy. Today, as central banks raise interest rates to dampen rising inflation, central banks are drawing more attention…

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Future of the Northern Ireland Protocol in Question on the Eve of the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement

Olivia Gulley On January 31, 2020, The United Kingdom officially left the European Union.[1] During Withdrawal Agreement negotiations between the UK and the EU, the Northern Ireland Protocol—a trade agreement involving the goods crossing the board between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland—was created.[2] The Northern Ireland Protocol has been a source of tension…

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