The Beginning of the Biden-Harris Term: A Review of Policy & Executive Orders

The Beginning of the Biden-Harris Term: A Review of Policy & Executive Orders

By Parth Deshmukh

In just over two weeks in office, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have issued nearly fifty executive orders,[1] actions and memoranda alike in the realms of immigration, COVID-19, environment, health care, economy, and equity.[2] About 16 orders directly reverse policies of the former administration.[3]

The immigration policy changes are geared to dismantle ex-President, Donald Trump’s “America First Immigration Agenda.”[4] These executive orders are essentially to the effect of: (1) creating a task force to reunite the 5,500 families separated by the US-Mexico border under Trump’s family-separation policy;[5] (2) addressing the root causes of migration by supporting the Central American immigration system and creating safer alternate routes to move to the United States;[6] (3) reviewing the legal immigration system to promote immigrant integration and inclusion by easing access to Medicaid, food, and housing.[7] The specifics of some orders are yet to be ironed out, and implementation will likely not be without hurdles. Last week for example, a federal judge temporarily blocked President Biden’s 100-day pause on deportations.[8]

Biden has also halted construction of the US-Mexico border wall, and cancelled the restrictions on U.S. entry for passport holders of Muslim nations.[9] Majority of the executive orders though are coronavirus-related.[10] Significantly, an order has reinstated travel restrictions for individuals travelling to the U.S. from Europe, a policy many other countries had implemented since the start of the pandemic.[11] Another stops the U.S.’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization, and makes Dr. Fauci the head of the delegation to the WHO.[12] Multiple efforts focus on organizing vaccination and testing facilities.[13]

After the U.S. became the only nation to ever have withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord late last year, President Biden has re-joined it.[14] After cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline permit,[15] Biden has directed agencies to review and reverse over 100 Trump environmental orders.[16] In reaffirming the U.S.’s commitment to renewable energy, orders were issued to procure carbon-free energy and electric vehicles, spur commercialization of clean energy technologies, accelerate clean energy generation and transmission projects and ensure that disadvantaged communities get a fair share of the ensuing economic and environmental benefits.[17]

With 28 executive orders issued already at the time of writing this post, the Biden-Harris administration is only second to President Franklin Roosevelt in issuing the largest number of executive orders within their first month in office.[18] While the actions of the new administration are arguably beneficial from the perspective of geopolitical diplomacy and are largely in line with the best practices of environmental conservation, implementation will likely continue to be a challenge as companies and individuals struggle with unwinding changes made in the Trump era.



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