Volume 32 - Issue 2

Tracking International Tax Avoiders, Brooke Meister

Tracking International Tax Avoiders, Brooke Meister Tax season is coming up for US based taxpayers and while the subject of tax is often the pinnacle of boredom for many, it is of vital importance to nearly every important topic that individuals and governments of all levels interact with. While tax itself can be a snooze,…

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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: International Legal Enforcement Takes a Sideline Seat to Economic Prowess, Chaisson Bowen

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which escalated with Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the recent invasion of Ukraine in 2022, has raised significant questions about the effectiveness and enforceability of international law. This blog post will examine the legal issues surrounding the conflict and their implications for the international legal system.…

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International Adjudication vs. Judicial Remedies, Abirami Swaminath

International Adjudication vs. Judicial Remedies, Abirami Swaminath   The foremost authority on international law is the International Court of Justice (ICJ). However, the various networks within the United Nations, including the treaties and charters that different nations have signed into, govern many fields of international law before the issue is handed to the ICJ. By…

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The Ethiopia-Somaliland Naval Base Deal is a Violation of International Law

        The Ethiopia-Somaliland Naval Base Deal Is a Violation of International Law Aman Obsiye   On January 1, 2024, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Republic of Somaliland – an unrecognized secessionist region within the Federal Republic of Somalia.  The MOU grants Ethiopia twenty kilometers…

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U.N. Cybercrime Treaty a Potential Threat to Free Speech

Wendy Erickson The United Nations is in the process of negotiating a landmark global cybercrime treaty, which if adopted, will be the first binding U.N. instrument on cybercrime. The treaty has the backing of Russia, China and a number of other countries. Negotiations over the scope and content of the treaty have been dominated by…

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From Aeolus to Ares: Wins of War Stir in the Eastern Aegean

Jacob Vander Weit Accounts of hostility and contention between Greece and Turkey over the Aegean Sea have been recorded since the dawn of western literature.[1] Recent tensions between these two powers are once again rising, with both countries threatening the possibility of war.[2] Among many, one controversy of the most recent dispute regards Greece’s contested…

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