Volume 32 - Issue 2

A Second Referendum for Britain?

By Gillian Gilbert, Staff Member As Brexit negotiations reach critical mass, the possibility of a second referendum on the Britain’s exit from the European Union has re-emerged. In 2016 British citizens voted, by a narrow majority, to leave the European Union.[1] Both the political and economic challenges of leaving the Union have proved daunting during…

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Brexit: The Trade-Offs

Tariq Miller, Staff Member The United Kingdom’s (“UK”) 2016 “leave” vote on Brexit was a significant disruption to the status quo. Both the Conservative and Labour parties underwent major leadership changes.[1] Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron resigned[2], and Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, continues to struggle to maintain party control following his unenthusiastic support of the…

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Brexit Hits Snag with British High Court

By Russell Payne, MJIL Staff Member On November 3rd, a panel of judges from the Queen Bench Division of the High Court of Justice handed down a ruling that the Crown (and its representative ministers) is not entitled to trigger the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.[1] The principal question addressed was whether the…

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