International Law

Volume 32 - Issue 2

Moon Race 2.0: The Legal Regime Surrounding the Commercialization of Space

Nathan Donnelly, Staff Member On February 21st, 2019 SpaceIL, an Israeli nonprofit organization, successfully launched what could become the first private spacecraft to touchdown on the moon.[1] Although SpaceIL is currently the only private organization to successfully launch a moon rover, it is not alone in this endeavor. In 2007, the Google Lunar X Prize…

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Foreign Foreign Judgments and Judicial Review

MJIL Staff Member There are judgments awarded by a court in another country: foreign judgments. There are judgments awarded by another U.S. state: also foreign judgments. There are also judgments awarded by a court in another country, recognized in one U.S. state, seeking enforcement in a second U.S. state: foreign foreign judgments. In 2014, there…

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The Unprotected Consumers in the App Market

Dong Lee, MJIL Managing Editor The app market is young and booming. Successful apps such as Clash of Clans can rake in over $1,000,000 in revenue per day. Smaller apps such as Gravity Battle, which is presumed to be run by a few individuals in China, can still be profitable and rake in an estimated $18,500…

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Comparing the Legal Education in the U.S. and China

Cara Tang, MJIL Articles Editor Before I started the J.D. program in Minnesota, I received my bachelor’s degree in law from Renmin University of China. During my time in the U.S., I always get the question on what the differences are between the two legal education systems. I’d love to write down some of my…

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Snoozing Democracy: The De-juridification of Emergencies

Antonios Kouroutakis* and Sofia Ranchordas**: Conventional wisdom says that crises are temporary. Hence in turbulent times of war and economic crisis, which require extraordinary and prompt decisions, temporary measures are necessary. It also says that, in this context, sunset clauses might be the best instruments to guarantee that such extraordinary measures do not become entrenched.…

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