Volume 32 - Issue 2

Korea Inc.: Punishing Corporate Executives in South Korea

By Sean Choi, Staff Member On February 5, 2018, the South Korea Appeals Court reversed the lower court’s decision, letting the heir of Samsung, Jay Y. Lee, walk free out of jail.[1] The decision frustrates many South Koreans who believed that putting one of the most powerful businessman in jail would be an important milestone…

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South Korean Cryptocurrency Regulation: International Interference

By Amy Byrne, Staff Member In November 2017, eighty percent of global bitcoin trading[1] was accounted for in South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.[2] South Korea, known as the most active cryptocurrency exchange in the world,[3] is reportedly “obsessed” with bitcoin.[4]  An estimated one in fifty South Koreans are trading cryptocurrency.[5] Consequently, South Korea’s recent cryptocurrency…

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Can the United States Legally go to War Against North Korea?

Zachary Miller, Staff Member Since his election, President Trump has engaged in a war of words with North Korea’s “supreme leader,” Kim Jong-un. Trump has promised “fire and fury,”[1] and threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea should war erupt.[2] But under what circumstances would war with the DPRK be legal? The use of military force…

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Kim Jong Un’s New “Toy” Missile: Are We Safe Enough?

Shin Young Jo, MJIL Staff Member On February 7, 2016, North Korea launched the rocket “Gwang Myung Sung-4.” Despite United Nation’s Security Council resolution’s banning of North Korea’s research and development on nuclear weapons or ballistic missile technologies, Kim Jong Un’s provocation against the international security has gone off the hook.[1] So what is all…

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