Volume 32 - Issue 2

Labor Reforms Spur Up in France in the Wake of High Unemployment Rates

By Hadley Simonett, Staff Member On August 31, 2017, France’s President Emmanuel Macron announced plans to reform the Code du Travail, France’s contested labor laws.[1] Macron, accompanied by Labour Minister Muriel Pénicaud, and government spokesman Christophe Castaner signed five decrees on September 22, 2017, implementing thirty-six changes to France’s labor law.[2]  By adopting the Ordinances,…

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Brazil’s Progressive Transformation in Eliminating Child Labor

E. Catlynne Shadakofsky, MJIL Staff Member Despite the growing awareness and international support for legal reform providing protection for children in the work force, social and economic factors continue to present large obstacles standing in the way of laws’ positive impact. Even after the adoption of laws changing the structure of employing children, historically, the…

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